Keep your shoes in shape!

Prolong the life of your shoes!  You launder and iron your trousers. You wash and blow dry your hair.  Yet you neglect your footwear?!

When taking care of image, shoes are prioritised but too often neglected.  Simply wearing your shoes about town and kicking them off when you get home will result in the leathers tiring and ageing quickly.

As shoes are walked in, they crease and absorb moisture from weather and feet.  Shoes then have to dry and when simply left to do so they will lose their look and shape.  At Cambridge Fashioner we take pride in footwear and respect what we wear.  This is why we recommend using shoe trees after every day and not wearing the same pair of shoes two days on the trot.  Shoe trees and a day’s rest will prolong the life of your shoes by holding the shoe in the desired shape as the leathers fully dry.  This avoids shoes drying creased and dis-formed and enables you to wear each pair, with confidence, time after time.

If you’re in Cambridge and want to pick up a shoe tree that you know you can rely on, stop byCheaney&Sons.  Don’t forget to give us a mention whist you’re there!!

Respect yourself and take pride in your footwear.

Cambridge Fashioner




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