Hats – The King of Accessories

When it comes to the King of Accessories only a crown can claim the throne…

Past fashions prove that a hat can be the business-person’s go to or the stamp of a blue collar man!

It’s comical to imagine an era when any ‘man about town’ wore a Top-Hat as he strutted the streets!  In modern day you might wear a Fitted or Snap-Back to represent the streets that you walk.  Both of these styles have shown their limitations; Top Hats limited by time and Flat-Brimmed Baseball Caps limited by the impressions perceived.

The right head wear can break limitations proving to be versatile across both time and image.  A hat doesn’t have to meet trends!  A hat only has to suit the individual wearer.  When a person finds the right hat, it will be worn with effortless confidence…

At Cambridge Fashioner we say ‘nay’ to those who quote “Hats don’t suit me!”

If you really would love to experience an effortless boost in confidence, check out lairdhatterswhere your hat may just be waiting for you.

The head pieces offered by lairdshatters are born in Britain, with your head in mind!  Leathers and fabrics are sourced from UK farms.  Stitches are pushed and pulled in a rhythm which can only be the sound of each hats beating heart!  This 100% British manufactured process leads to a hat that is designed, created and marketed with one goal in mind – To find men and women with the strength to hold their heads high!

When you try on a hat, you may feel ridiculous adding such an oddity as an extension of yourself.  Don’t be concerned! Relax.  Enable the hat to find its resting place a-top your head.  The hat may just begin to hug your dome as it lies on the locks of your hair, resulting in the perfect fit!

And if it feels right, it is right.







Grow Your Beard Right! Beard Oil.

Are you following trends and carving your own style whilst practising the attentive, patient and fun habit of allowing your facial hair to reach its full potential?

Today men are blow drying and taking care of their hair.  If your hair is so cared for why would you allow for ‘wispy whiskers’?!

Avoid the scruffy look by treating your beard well.  Be sure to shave stray hairs, trim untidy whiskers and never forget to treat your facial hair with the Beard Oil of your choice.

Beard Oil is the key to good feeling and better looking facial hair! At Cambridge Fashioner we support the look that you are trying to achieve.  Our personal favourite and best recommended oil is @ Huntsman Beard Co.

Have patience, maintain your whiskers and treat your beard to a daily oiling.

Cambridge Fashioner