Grow Your Beard Right! Beard Oil.

Are you following trends and carving your own style whilst practising the attentive, patient and fun habit of allowing your facial hair to reach its full potential?

Today men are blow drying and taking care of their hair.  If your hair is so cared for why would you allow for ‘wispy whiskers’?!

Avoid the scruffy look by treating your beard well.  Be sure to shave stray hairs, trim untidy whiskers and never forget to treat your facial hair with the Beard Oil of your choice.

Beard Oil is the key to good feeling and better looking facial hair! At Cambridge Fashioner we support the look that you are trying to achieve.  Our personal favourite and best recommended oil is @ Huntsman Beard Co.

Have patience, maintain your whiskers and treat your beard to a daily oiling.

Cambridge Fashioner









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