A bespoke suit


Knowing not very much about bespoke suits it was a learning experience for me watch Billy getting his first ever bespoke suit.Having a keen interest in fashion and looking for a 3 piece suit his goal was to look fresh out the 50’s like the clock had froze. Billy’s original budget was between £500 and £900 and here is what he says about this amazing experience.

“I spoke to some very interesting people along my journey who gave me great advice from colour choice to shoes and even little bit of etiquette like never fastening the bottom button of a waistcoat or blazer, it was an advice like this I never would have know otherwise and began to increase my understanding and fuel my passion for suits. Moss bros was originally supposed to be the first stop of many but having looked at the fabric and after some advice from the tailor when it feels right you just have to go with it, we started the process which led to me pickin the fabric, I went for London navy which was a navy suit with a subtle which check, I then set to picking the buttons to match fabric colour and also pocket placement and whether or not to have a ticket pocket which was an old fashioned style started for gentlemen in the 50’s to carry their train tickets in. After I had chosen all the option I had to wait for 5 weeks for the suit to be made, it felt like ages as I was so looking forward to trying on my perfectly fitted suit for the first time!  It was an exciting day when I finally got to try my suit on, the confidence it gave me to see myself in the suit was awesome! The other part I very much enjoyed was picking the little details such as a the bow tie and pocket square and instead of buying cuff links I wear my grandads which have a ‘W’ for William on them. I wore my suit for an interview recently and wore my black Chelsea boots which have blue Paisley detailing on the sides to complete the look.

Cambridge Fashioner


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