Ellie Dyduch


Meet Ellie Dyduch; a Polish girl who lived in London and has just recently moved to Cambridge. We went for a quick coffee in town and talked about food, traveling and photography. 

Favourite place to be in Cambridge? 

I enjoy sitting at the terrace of the college I stay at which has got a great view.  I also love Cambridge University Botanic Garden, there are so many pretty alleys and the place looks like another world. And, of course, running away from the tourists and being inside of some colleges – feeling their energy, history and atmosphere.

What would you do on your dream day in Cambridge?

After a morning jogging near the river, I’d meet some friends for brunch and coffee at one of my favourite coffee shops; then just wander around the pretty town, taking photos, sipping a glass of wine in a punt, having a picnic at the Backs…  There is always something to do.

Favourite pub? 

Since I became a gluten intolerant, I’ve barely gone to any pub. However, I’m a wine person, so I’d probably only go to a wine bar.

Favourite season?

Definitely spring and summer! The weather affects my wellbeing quite a lot, so as long as it’s not rainy or windy, I’m fine.

What not to miss in Cambridge?

Punting of course! A view from St Mary’s church or from the rooftop of the Varsity Hotel, a meal at Midsummer House, and visiting colleges – my favourites are: Selwyn, Pembroke, Girton. Ah, and don’t forget to take a photo with a cow at Midsummer Common.


Coffee or tea? 

Coffee. I drink tea only when I’m sick.

The best coffee shop in Cambridge? 

I love Hot Numbers.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Being a free-spirit; able to travel; take photos; meet new people from all sorts of backgrounds; try new things; and share all these things through social media.

The most stylish person you know?

Recently I’m in love with the style of Rachel from Suits. I also adore Julie from Sincerely Jules blog so much, and think that Alexa Chung is great as well.

What’s your inspiration to take photos? 

Everything around me. Photography inspires me to wander and wandering inspires me to take photos.

Favourite item in your closet?

Hats, sunglasses, white shirts and tees, and my golden watch.

You’d never wear 

Fluorecent colours or anything that looks cheap, too big or too small. I’m also not a big fan of platforms, minis or provocative styles.

Whose style influenced yours? 

There’s no specific person. I like street style influenced by boho and classic style.

Check Ellie on Instagram: @dy_ellie 


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