Do more… @Covent Garden, London


I love fitness. It has changed my life in so many ways that it’s hard to say why I like it so much.  It just makes me feel great about myself and the benefits are endless, if you are into fitness you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

The thing with working out is that you must be always changing the way you do things and ‘shocking’ your body. If you want to have a go, try this:  say that usually, you go to the gym in the evening… next day try to wake up earlier and get it done first thing in the morning. You will see that you body reacts differently and you will feel like this was your first day working out (ouch!).  This is really a life lesson… never get stuck in your comfort zone and always DO MORE!


Feelin’ Good… @Saint Andrews St.


Try to picture this;  Saturday afternoon – city centre on a really warm day.  @Saint Andrews St. is one of the busiest streets in Cambridge… so, when I look above my left shoulder I see this beautiful young lady peacefully readying her book.  I love how calm and fresh she looks and the contrast with the chaos around her.    After taking this picture we had a quick chat and I instantly felt good for the rest of my walk in the city.

From the 60’s… @King’s Parade


I was not sure about taking this shot when I first saw this lady as I often get no as an answer when ask to take pictures of older ladies. However when I first looked at this lady she gave me a smile and I knew I had to ask. I don’t often see this type of retro outfit on the streets of Cambridge, I will actually quote what she told me; “I’m glad I’ve done all my shopping back in the 60’s, if you look around you can only see ladies wearing trousers… I don’t do trousers!”