IMG_1932I am an England-based enthusiast with a passion for people and places. I was born and raised on the north coast of Brazil, my artistic interests started at an early age, from drumming to writing music with friends, to operating a recording studio, I’ve always been somehow connected with different forms of art. Looking for a chance to have contact with different cultures I left my ometown and flew to he UK. Cambridge has become my home since then. My journey into photography started probably in February 2014 when purchased a second-hand camera from my barber to help document my travels. I began taking pictures of the architecture and people while traveling around Europe, I quickly became fascinated  with photography. I have created The Cambridge Fashioner as a way to blend people’s lifestyle with the city they live in.

A glance through a camera lens has been brought to you in the age of today…

The Cambridge Fashioner.

Logo by: Renato Radeke 

For business, collaborations, advertising opportunities, or just to get in touch… please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

 Alternatively, Please email me directly: cambridgefashioner@gmail.com