Feelin’ Good… @Saint Andrews St.


Try to picture this;  Saturday afternoon – city centre on a really warm day.  @Saint Andrews St. is one of the busiest streets in Cambridge… so, when I look above my left shoulder I see this beautiful young lady peacefully readying her book.  I love how calm and fresh she looks and the contrast with the chaos around her.    After taking this picture we had a quick chat and I instantly felt good for the rest of my walk in the city.

From the 60’s… @King’s Parade


I was not sure about taking this shot when I first saw this lady as I often get no as an answer when ask to take pictures of older ladies. However when I first looked at this lady she gave me a smile and I knew I had to ask. I don’t often see this type of retro outfit on the streets of Cambridge, I will actually quote what she told me; “I’m glad I’ve done all my shopping back in the 60’s, if you look around you can only see ladies wearing trousers… I don’t do trousers!”